How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

In sports like basketball, it is vital to be ready to leap high off of 1 foot furthermore 2 feet. However, when jumping off of 1 foot or one leg (or off the approach as I like to decision it) you'll be able to usually rise up much quicker. Typically in basketball you don't continually have time to plant and jump off of 2 feet. Therefore here are 5 ways to increase your vertical jumping of one foot.
Increase Your Vertical Jump

Step Ups

This is an exercise that can while not fail facilitate to increase your one-foot jumping. To do that exercise simple grab a chair. The starting position is with one foot up on the chair and one foot on the ground. Then the following step is to explode up using the leg that's up on the chair to push you up into the air.
As you go up into the air, switch legs and lower your body to the bottom together with your other leg.
I conjointly advocate you do this exercise with weight. When doing this exercise with weight there's a slight distinction. What you may do is grab two dumbbells or a barbell with weight placed on your shoulders.
Then with weight either in your hands or on your shoulders accelerate onto the bench and then step down. With weights you begin with each feet on ground and maximize with one leg followed by the opposite and then backtrack.
Both of those exercises are nice for improving your jumping power off of one leg.


The faster you get, the upper you will be able to jump off of one leg in most cases. You ever notice those players in basketball who are just thus fast, that it looks like they only get away of the ground when they jump? Or you ever watch a high jumper in track & field? These are the athletes who sometimes can jump very high off of one leg.
If you furthermore may need to leap higher off of 1 leg I advocate you venture out and work on your sprinting. Sprint work has perpetually beat up my legs. I can keep in mind days of grueling sprints on the track. But once I got on the court, I usually noticed leads to a fairly short amount of time from my efforts. Sprinting is terribly vital if you want learn how to increase your vertical jump.


The nice thing concerning lunges except for the very fact that they flat out help you increase your vertical jump, is that this. Not only do they build your quadriceps, but they help your balance, hips, and gluts (butt). All of that, are very necessary if you would like to jump higher.
This exercise can be performed with or while not weight. Merely grab some dumbbells or a barbell and place it over your shoulders and acquire to work. With this exercise I recommend you employ light weight and work on maintaining good balance. If you have got never done lunges before they will kind throw you off balance at 1st. However with apply and correct type you'll get nice results with this exercise.

High knees and Butt Kicks

Each of those exercises are nice as a result of the increase your vary of motion and your stride when running. And they assist you get on my feet higher. Other than being two nice plyometric, they are conjointly nice for your hips, hamstrings and quadriceps. Flexibility is also key when it comes to 1-foot jumping. And high knees and butt kicks will facilitate your along with your flexibility. Follow these steps & you will be jumping higher in no time.

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How To Jump Higher

How To Jump Higher

I am going to answer the question; how to jump higher? But first consider the question… Why would you want to jump higher? Well people who can jump higher reach greater heights. Pretty obvious you may say however this is not only literally true but also metaphorically so!

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In human evolutionary history the ability to jump higher always meant a more successful life. 40,000 years ago when our ancestors were hunter-gatherers on the savannah, those who could jump higher and run faster, not only lived longer but also had better quality lives. They could escape predators and catch prey in turn. They could reach the better fruit that grew higher up the trees and they always got the girl.
How to Jump Higher
Of course for most of us, modern life is steadily eroding our ability to jump high and run fast. Man has created the tools of convenience and the pampered lifestyles that no longer promote the physical skill to jump higher, run faster and do it all for longer periods. It is only in the field of human endeavor called sports that people who want to succeed need to excel at jumping. One thing hasn’t changed though; the top sports people of today still get the best rewards that life has to offer.

‘Great catches win matches!’

Remember this sporting maxim? Well it’s winning matches that bring the greatest rewards. So how can you get to jump higher and excel in your chosen field of endeavor? There are four success factors that all athletes and even us ordinary mortals must do if we are to be able to jump higher.
Success factor number 1 is to lose some weight.

Picture that pro basketball player leaping and soaring above his opponents to out-catch them or to pass successfully to a teammate or to ‘slam dunk’ the winning basket in the dying seconds of the championship game. There isn’t an ounce of surplus fat on him and that is no coincidence!

There is an inescapable natural law of Newtonian physics that says the less body mass you have to propel into the air with any given amount of force the higher that mass will go. Seriously, how high can you jump vertically right now? Not too high I bet. How high do you think the MVP wide receiver of the Superbowl champions can jump vertically? Quite a bit higher than you or I, you can be sure.

Wide receivers and all athletes control their food intake and their energy output so that they do not carry any excess weight. It always has been and always will be a question of getting your diet and exercise regime into balance. We should all aim to be able to jump as high as gravity will let us by eating lots more REAL food and doing sufficient exercise to burn all of the calories we consume. Real food means fewer than 5 ingredients on the packet and lots more plants. Find a high jump diet you enjoy and stick to it to lose weight. Count your calorie intake so as to reduce your consumption of sugars, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and saturated fats.

Success factor number 2 is developing those jumping muscles

Picture the pro baseball fielder almost flying to catch the ball one-handed and save the home run hit, the innings, the game and the series. Do you think that just happens at game time on any given Sunday?
Yes it’s constant exercise of course, but the right exercise that is another essential. Begin by measuring your current jumping height because you’ll want to see your progress and keep a fitness log. Build on your current lifestyle with a few different exercises as well as doing more of your most common exercise-related daily activities. Track and review your log because it is the only way to remember what you have done and ensure you stick to your regime. Set yourself achievable and timely goals.
Increase Your Vertical Jump

The objective is to build some base strength

You can only jump higher if you improve your muscle strength. In order of importance here are the key exercises: Squats, calf raises, dorsi-flexor stretches, transverse abdominal exercises, hip-flexors, abdominals, upper body exercises and don’t forget your toes. Plyometric exercises are specifically designed to train your muscles; cutting the time you take to go from rest to maximum force. This regime is key to jumping higher and that is totally reliant on speed.

Success factor number 3 is to get the right support

All great athletes are great jumpers but they are also the most visible members of a whole supporting team. You can’t learn to jump higher on your own. You will need a coach and physiotherapy expertise at least. Never make any significant life changes, like a new diet, without consulting with your doctor. Also get the right equipment especially the latest high-tech ‘jump sole’ trainers. Designed-for-jumping footwear will give proper conditioning to those all-important lower limbs and joints. In particular the muscle groups around your knees and ankles. Your athletic ability to jump higher and all round agility depends on the right conditioning equipment. Failure to properly condition knee and ankle muscle groups for jumping and you multiply the risks of serious injury.

Success factor number 4 is to get the jump on your subconscious

Picture the great soccer players leaping to head the ball goal-ward or the great goalkeeper stretching to catch before the opposition can beat him to it. There is never a split second of hesitation due to thinking or planning. It’s what they are and not just what they do!

All great athletes will tell you that to excel in sports depends on getting your head right. All the great jumps and catches are created in the subconscious mind before they ever take place in reality. A positive, winning can-do attitude coupled with a detailed visualization and continual repetition leading to innate muscle memory, all combine to make the final actions look effortless.

‘I want to jump higher’ is an easy thing to say and it seems at first sight like a modest life goal. Yet building the four success factors into your life will transform, empower and enrich you as it has so many great athletes before you.

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